P R E P A R I N G  T O M O R R O W S  P I O N E E R S  I N  C R O Y D O N

// Coaching Initiative - What YOU need to know.


[AGES] 16-21


[FEE] FREE! No charge.


[OVERVIEW] Coaching youth between 16-21 on future and present choices in music production, film and media, performing arts etc. The sessions will run course for 6 weeks [1 hour per week 3 weeks of coaching, 3 weeks of mentoring] over phone communication [due to the current epidemic]. 

Participants have to prove they are citizens of the Croydon borough to receive free coaching from the team. The end goal is for youth to discover purpose, clarity and vision for their future. As well as a structured plan foreseeing the decisions to be made. Step by step coaching sessions with set them up for a better career foundation. 



We continue to aim for and target young people to engage and excel them to to their full potential. Our aim via Eagle is to continue the good deed of implementing structure and goals for the youth in Croydon. We believe there is something special about the coaching relationship, giving young people the opportunity to take control of their journey through intentional questioning.

With much of the youth work we‘ve achieved, we’ve found that there are many young people who lack confidence and therefore isolate themselves or misbehave. I have experience providing young people with quality experiences and a wide range of opportunities socially, academically and personally to broaden their horizons and open their minds to new possibilities that they may have previously deemed out of their reach.


To sign up to Eagle and receive this excellent experience, the team will require your name, address, email and proof of age. A calendar of dates to book ahead will also be helpful for both parties. Winners will be decided soon and will be contacted ASAP. All information information given will be kept confidential and private from public use.



Pen and pad! We got work to do!



All information received (name, address, contact number, email address) will be kept private and confidential from the public. No information will be given to any person, company, charity, organisation or public figures unless given by participants. 



Drop us an email @flockpoint7@gmail.com & follow @flockpoint7.